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Chairman:Brian Childs
92 Brackendale Drive
Phone 07906 358320

To e-mail click here: Brian Childs

Charitable Trust Registered Number 1124418

Patrons: Mr David Gourevitch M.B., Ch.B., M.D., F.R.C.S.

and Mathew Marsden

Raising Awareness of & Funding Research into Upper Gastro-intestinal Cancers.

Upper G.I. Blues is a patient and carer support group for people who have been diagnosed with upper gastro-intestinal cancers, based at Sandwell General Hospital, West Bromwich.

We get information and advice from various professionals

We give

Help and advice
We hold regular meetings at hospitals throughout the area, with input and information from senior clinical staff. We also hold a number of social events at various locations. Please contact your local members adviser or hospitals Upper G.I. CNS for details. Otherwise contact us direct on 01922 864404 or mobile 07906 358320 or e-mail

What is U.G.I. Upper G.I. Blues Support Group?
The U.G.I. Upper G.I. Blues Support Group aims and objectives
The Gain and Maintain your Weight Cookbook
Advice Page
Life after surgery
Preliminary Report Moses
An article on liver cancer diagnosis from Dr. Saket Singhal.
Dr. Danny Cheung Presentation
An article from Dr. Nigel Trudgill.
An Article in The Times 27/1/2015. How do GPs differentiate between heartburn and early stomach cancer? The truth is, we can't. Dr. Mark Porter.
An article from Sachin Vindla. (U.G.I.Essay Winner for 2016)

Please click on the link for further information of The Oesophageal Patients Association

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